Top Grossing Apps: News, 13 January 2017

1Apple TV screenshotiScan - Police and Fire Scanner HD
2Apple TV screenshotTWiT Network
3Apple TV screenshotДождь
4Apple TV screenshotNetNewsWire
5Apple TV screenshotПeрвый
6Apple TV screenshotTicker - Your personal news channel
7Apple TV screenshotBroadcastify TV
8Apple TV screenshotNewsreel RSS
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9Apple TV screenshotNewsroom
10Apple TV screenshotNews Explorer
11Apple TV screenshotSubscript - News you choose
12Apple TV screenshotTVFeedz
13Apple TV screenshotText-TV - For those who take teletext seriously
14Apple TV screenshotNews Channels - HD Top Documentries
15Apple TV screenshotNews TV - Daily World Breaking Video Headlines by Couchboard SkyAcnabbc
16Apple TV screenshotNews Square - A Sharing News Summary Image Service
17Apple TV screenshotTechTV - Technology News and Speech Videos
18Apple TV screenshotTextTV II
19Apple TV screenshotChannel TWiT: A delightful TWiT experience
20Apple TV screenshotReuters TV: Video News
21Apple TV screenshotCNN
22Apple TV screenshotWorld News - Espanol
23Apple TV screenshotBFMTV : l'info en continu
24Apple TV screenshot24 Канал
25Apple TV screenshotWPXI News
26Apple TV
27Apple TV screenshotQNetwork
28Apple TV screenshotCBC News
29Apple TV screenshotHOY-PLAY
30Apple TV screenshotpennwellhub POWER
31Apple TV screenshotHaystack TV News: World, local, business & finance
32Apple TV screenshotn-tv Nachrichten
33Apple TV
34Apple TV
35Apple TV screenshotCulturebox
36Apple TV screenshotKSTU FOX13 Salt Lake City
37Apple TV screenshotCCTVNEWS PLAY
38Apple TV screenshotCastbox - Latest News Weather Podcasts Local News Sports and Technology
39Apple TV screenshotKIFI and KIDK News for TV
40Apple TV screenshotFox 13 Memphis - News, Traffic, Weather
41Apple TV screenshotMilkeddit for TV
42Apple TV - Videos
43Apple TV screenshotWSOC TV Channel 9 Eyewitness News
44Apple TV screenshotDRF TV
45Apple TV screenshotWhat's Trending TV
46Apple TV screenshotiFastNews News Latest Headlines Daily Update
47Apple TV screenshotCTE+
48Apple TV screenshotDVTV
49Apple TV screenshotLinkboard: Search & Save News Filters
50Apple TV screenshotPost and Courier for TV
51Apple TV screenshotFrance Live : ceux qui font bouger les villes
52Apple TV screenshotBizWireTV from Business Wire
53Apple TV screenshotN24 TV
54Apple TV screenshotEngadget
55Apple TV screenshotTWiTtv
56Apple TV - Fernsehen für's Allgäu
57Apple TV screenshotFawesome News
58Apple TV screenshotWorld Wars Documentary Films
59Apple TV screenshotAl Hadath TV
60Apple TV screenshotTagesschau
61Apple TV screenshotFox News
62Apple TV screenshotKUAM - Guam's News Network
63Apple TV screenshotWashington Post Video
64Apple TV
65Apple TV screenshotOrigo híralkalmazás
66Apple TV screenshotAl Jazeera English
67Apple TV screenshotLFM
68Apple TV screenshotNoiseporn
69Apple TV screenshotWatchup: Daily News Video Stream
70Apple TV screenshotTechSmart - Technology News, Information and Education
71Apple TV screenshotRadar News
72Apple TV screenshotEL PAÍS for iPhone
73Apple TV screenshotBørsen Play
74Apple TV screenshotPopTweet
75Apple TV screenshotSky News: Live and On Demand
76Apple TV screenshotTélé Star Programme TV
77Apple TV screenshotCBC Radio
78Apple TV screenshotL'Auto-Journal
79Apple TV screenshotWSBTV News
80Apple TV screenshotTechCrunch Video
81Apple TV screenshotABC 7
82Apple TV screenshotSunnhordland
83Apple TV screenshotJagBani TV
84Apple TV screenshotWRAL
85Apple TV screenshotRCourtoisieTV
86Apple TV screenshotBR24
87Apple TV screenshotThe Washington Post
88Apple TV screenshotWSJ Video
89Apple TV screenshotNHK WORLD TV
90Apple TV screenshotNOS
91Apple TV screenshotFOX23 News
92Apple TV screenshotTelegraaf · TV
93Apple TV screenshotLOCAL NOW - News, Weather, Traffic
94Apple TV screenshotDaily Tech News Show (DTNS)
95Apple TV screenshot香港早晨
96Apple TV screenshotThanthi TV
97Apple TV screenshotHash – Today's Talking Points
98Apple TV screenshotCloser - Actu des Stars, News People & Télé
99Apple TV screenshotالجزيرة
100Apple TV screenshotAuto Plus
101Apple TV screenshotABC News - US & World News + Live Video
102Apple TV screenshot1World Top 10 Breaking News and Events
103Apple TV screenshotMashable
104Apple TV screenshotVeuer
105Apple TV screenshotNewzulu, you break the news
106Apple TV screenshot美国中文电视
107Apple TV screenshotНовости России и мира от РИА, РБК, ТАСС и погода
108Apple TV screenshotWHIO News
109Apple TV screenshotCBS News - Watch Free Live Breaking News
110Apple TV screenshotSport-Auto
111Apple TV screenshotNewsy - Video News
112Apple TV screenshotATL Play
113Apple TV screenshot34Volt Haber
114Apple TV screenshotDemocracy Now! TV
115Apple TV screenshotNTV Spor
116Apple TV screenshotBernie 2016
117Apple TV screenshotWGHP - My FOX8 - Piedmont Triad North Carolina
118Apple TV screenshotKesari TV
119Apple TV screenshotSR Mediathek
120Apple TV screenshotCRTV
121Apple TV screenshotEnd of World News ™
122Apple TV screenshotTvNet
123Apple TV screenshotExpressen
124Apple TV screenshotNBC News
125Apple TV screenshotDunya TV
126Apple TV
127Apple TV
128Apple TV screenshotBits und so
129Apple TV screenshotTwitter
130Apple TV screenshotORLM
131Apple TV screenshotVGTV
132Apple TV screenshotNewsChannel 13 for TV
133Apple TV screenshotNTV
134Apple TV screenshotWFTV News
135Apple TV screenshotEnBocageTV
136Apple TV screenshotChannel 4 News
137Apple TV screenshotRT News (Russia Today)
138Apple TV screenshotUSA TODAY
139Apple TV screenshotBloomberg TV
140Apple TV screenshotHeadlineTV - Let the news play itself
141Apple TV screenshotTavant Media News
142Apple TV screenshotEconomist Films
143Apple TV screenshotAftonbladet
144Apple TV screenshot10TV WBNS
145Apple TV screenshotACLJ
146Apple TV screenshotOne More Thing
147Apple TV - PC et Consoles
148Apple TV screenshotFOX 25 News
149Apple TV screenshotDouglas TV
150Apple TV screenshotWochit Now
151Apple TV screenshotMathrubhumi TV
152Apple TV screenshotLa Nación Costa Rica
153Apple TV screenshotAl Arabiya TV
154Apple TV screenshotKSL TV
155Apple TV screenshotSpazio iTech
156Apple TV screenshotSVT Play
157Apple TV screenshotVisitor Network TV-Nantucket
158Apple TV screenshotHSTV
159Apple TV screenshotApple Events
160Apple TV screenshotNewsmax
161Apple TV screenshotAJ+
162Apple TV screenshotBuzz60 News
163Apple TV screenshotKIRO 7 News
164Apple TV screenshotThe Oklahoman TV
165Apple TV screenshotTV TopSpeed
166Apple TV screenshotKanal10
167Apple TV screenshotStirile Orei
168Apple TV screenshotKRIS 6 News for TV
169Apple TV screenshotSan Marino News24
170Apple TV screenshotVotePal