Top Grossing Apps: Puzzle, 13 January 2017

1Apple TV screenshotLumino City
2Apple TV screenshotPAC-MAN Championship Edition DX
3Apple TV screenshotAgent A: A puzzle in disguise
4Apple TV screenshotLara Croft GO
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5Apple TV screenshotShadowmatic
6Apple TV screenshotBroken Age ™
7Apple TV screenshotToby: The Secret Mine
8Apple TV screenshotThe Silent Age TV
9Apple TV screenshotHitman GO
10Apple TV screenshotCandy Arrange
11Apple TV screenshotFRAMED
12Apple TV screenshotThe Trace: TV Edition
13Apple TV screenshotminimize
14Apple TV screenshotDeus Ex GO - Puzzle Challenge
15Apple TV screenshotSymmetrica - Minimalistic arcade game
16Apple TV screenshotCan you escape 3D
17Apple TV screenshotBack to Bed
18Apple TV screenshotSparkle 2
19Apple TV screenshotRoad Not Taken
20Apple TV screenshotBroken Sword 5 - the Serpent's Curse
21Apple TV screenshotMimpi Dreams
22Apple TV screenshotBeneath The Lighthouse TV
23Apple TV screenshotEDGE Extended
24Apple TV screenshotSwapperoo
25Apple TV screenshotAZZL
26Apple TV screenshotAlmost Impossible!
27Apple TV screenshotWee Puzzles
28Apple TV screenshotPhil The Pill
29Apple TV screenshotBoom Barn
30Apple TV screenshotColorcube
31Apple TV screenshotMahjong TV
32Apple TV screenshotQuell Zen+
33Apple TV screenshotKing Oddball
34Apple TV screenshotBLOCnog
35Apple TV screenshotSafe Cracker Complete
36Apple TV screenshotTiny TrackZ
37Apple TV screenshotMarble Duel: Premium Edition
38Apple TV screenshotBurn the Rope 3D
39Apple TV screenshotEdge
40Apple TV screenshotSuper Impossible Wheel
41Apple TV screenshotAsymmetric
42Apple TV screenshotSong of Pan TV
43Apple TV screenshotQuell Memento+
44Apple TV screenshotGrandpa and the Zombies - Take care of your brain!
45Apple TV screenshotRIBBONS - Puzzle Game
46Apple TV screenshotClue Detective game
47Apple TV screenshotPuddle+
48Apple TV screenshotTV Tournament
49Apple TV screenshotKids Learn (ABC & 123)
50Apple TV screenshotLoop Me - The Puzzle Game
51Apple TV screenshotGrave Matters
52Apple TV screenshotTETCUBE 3D for TV
53Apple TV screenshotQuell+
54Apple TV screenshotABC Garbage Truck - Alphabet Fun Game for Preschool Toddler Kids Learning ABCs and Love Trucks and Things That Go
55Apple TV screenshotOquonie
56Apple TV screenshotCurious Letters
57Apple TV screenshotWord Search by POWGI
58Apple TV screenshotThe Last Rocket TV
59Apple TV screenshotPicture Puzzlers
60Apple TV screenshotEllipsis - Touch. Explore. Survive.
61Apple TV screenshotSneezies HD
62Apple TV screenshotClash of Geniuses TV
63Apple TV screenshotSudoku Lounge
64Apple TV screenshotPuzzle for Kids - Funny Free Educational Shape Matching Game for Boys, Girls, Toddlers and Preschool
65Apple TV screenshotAuralux: Constellations
66Apple TV screenshotPercepto
67Apple TV screenshotWords Galore!
68Apple TV screenshotSnail Bob 2
69Apple TV screenshotPerfect Angle: Zen edition - Virtual Reality free game for Google Cardboard VR
70Apple TV screenshotMine TV
71Apple TV screenshotK3Y
72Apple TV screenshotAlchemic Maze
73Apple TV screenshotYesSir
74Apple TV screenshotSquares - Challenging Puzzle Game
75Apple TV screenshotQuell Reflect+
76Apple TV screenshotCastle Breakout
77Apple TV screenshotConnect the dot-s
78Apple TV screenshotSudoku TV
79Apple TV screenshotBrain Games TV Edition
80Apple TV screenshotDiamond Quest
81Apple TV screenshotmaze - an endless mazes game
82Apple TV screenshotZombie Maze - Can you escape from the zombies ?
83Apple TV screenshotChristmas 9in1 Family Games Pack
84Apple TV screenshotZen Glass - Classic puzzle game for Relief of Anxiety & Stress
85Apple TV screenshotLook for Louis TV
86Apple TV screenshotMad Fox Bubble Shooter - Fire and Jewel Free for Heroes TV Edition
87Apple TV screenshotTiltagon TV
88Apple TV screenshotBreezeblox
89Apple TV screenshotDoku
90Apple TV screenshotWirly
91Apple TV screenshotCandy Crisis
92Apple TV screenshotFlipominos
93Apple TV screenshotMighty Gold Miner - Ore Harvest Edition
94Apple TV screenshotParallels TV
95Apple TV screenshotCatch the Wally - Hide and Seek game
96Apple TV screenshotStep On Gregg
97Apple TV screenshotZen Rocks
98Apple TV screenshotلعبة المشنقة
99Apple TV screenshotMadness's Daze
100Apple TV screenshotJust Sudoku Forever
101Apple TV screenshotMahjong - zMahjong Solitaire - Best Brain Puzzle
102Apple TV screenshotWord Search for TV
103Apple TV screenshotwhat? A word game
104Apple TV screenshotBubble Prophet
105Apple TV screenshotUndiscovered Word Search
106Apple TV screenshotIQ Test tv: What's my IQ?
107Apple TV screenshotPair-It
108Apple TV screenshotMechanic Escape
109Apple TV screenshotBox Attack - The Action Puzzle Game
110Apple TV screenshotLums
111Apple TV screenshotOkame
112Apple TV screenshotCover Hamster: A new challenge of cover orange
113Apple TV screenshotAnimals - Matching Game
114Apple TV screenshotGenius Greedy Mouse [Premium]
115Apple TV screenshotAck!Words TV
116Apple TV screenshotAnagrams - Word Puzzle Game
117Apple TV screenshotScreen Minesweeper
118Apple TV screenshotNanoplex TV
119Apple TV screenshotChinese Chess TV
120Apple TV screenshotCard Solitaire Z
121Apple TV screenshotCut the Wire - a speedy color challenge
122Apple TV screenshotDetetive TVOS
123Apple TV screenshotChristmas Magic Eye 3D
124Apple TV screenshotTac-tics
125Apple TV screenshotTic Tac Toe - Noughts or Crosses
126Apple TV screenshotTVtris
127Apple TV screenshotMemory Pair
128Apple TV screenshotLumino!
129Apple TV screenshotTheseus Plus
130Apple TV screenshotImpossible Twisty Dots - Fun dots game
131Apple TV screenshotBlock Arrange
132Apple TV screenshotiHeadLessZombie
133Apple TV screenshotTower of Hanoi - Math and Logic Puzzle Game
134Apple TV screenshotHorse Matching Puzzle
135Apple TV screenshotSkweek
136Apple TV screenshotminesweeper - classic mine sweeper game
137Apple TV screenshotMahjong - zMahjong Solitaire Free - Best Brain
138Apple TV screenshotObject 17
139Apple TV screenshotLine 98 Premium - Color Lines 98 for TV
140Apple TV screenshotMahjong Domino - A Brain Game of Puzzle
141Apple TV screenshotLogic Code
142Apple TV screenshotCthulhu Beat
143Apple TV screenshot2048 for tv
144Apple TV screenshotRotate the Ball Pro
145Apple TV screenshotCrush 64
146Apple TV screenshotABC Super Solitaire - A Brain Game
147Apple TV screenshotfourtex zen
148Apple TV screenshotRotational – Unique Block Puzzle Game
149Apple TV screenshotSticker Fun for Kids
150Apple TV screenshotEmoji Solitaire
151Apple TV screenshotHangman: The Gallows
152Apple TV screenshotZombie Apocalypse TV
153Apple TV screenshotBirth Control TV
154Apple TV screenshotThoroughly Slide Puzzle
155Apple TV screenshotEye Hate You
156Apple TV screenshotre2048
157Apple TV screenshotOrbit 3D
158Apple TV screenshotABC Solitaire
159Apple TV screenshotMusti find the pairs
160Apple TV screenshotMatch 'n' Learn
161Apple TV screenshot4096 - Tile Game
162Apple TV screenshotABC Solitaire Free
163Apple TV screenshotBrain Trainer - Memory Match
164Apple TV screenshotFixum Tv
165Apple TV screenshotPicture Match
166Apple TV screenshotDogs Matching Game
167Apple TV screenshotSolitaire aka Klondike: Card Game
168Apple TV screenshotPopQuiz TV
169Apple TV screenshotLines for TV
170Apple TV screenshotMatch Pairs with Fili the Fox
171Apple TV screenshot2048 tv - Play game on TV