Top Paid Apps: App Store, 27 January 2017

1Apple TV screenshotLeo's Fortune
2Apple TV screenshotLara Croft GO
3Apple TV screenshotAlto's Adventure
4Apple TV screenshotYoga Studio
5Apple TV screenshotHitman GO
6Apple TV screenshotAG Drive
7Apple TV screenshotBADLAND
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8Apple TV screenshotWhite Noise
9Apple TV screenshotSonic The Hedgehog
10Apple TV screenshotDuet Game
11Apple TV screenshotShadowmatic
12Apple TV screenshotSonic the Hedgehog 2
13Apple TV screenshotChameleon Run
14Apple TV screenshotDeus Ex GO - Puzzle Challenge
15Apple TV screenshotFlightBoard – Live Flight Departure and Arrival Status
16Apple TV screenshotOceanhorn ™
17Apple TV screenshotLumino City
18Apple TV screenshotInfuse Pro
19Apple TV screenshotChannels — Live TV
20Apple TV screenshotRed's Kingdom
21Apple TV screenshotGeometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved
22Apple TV screenshotRiptide GP: Renegade
23Apple TV screenshotNighty Night Circus - bedtime story for kids
24Apple TV screenshotIcycle: On Thin Ice
25Apple TV screenshotTransistor
26Apple TV screenshotFRAMED
27Apple TV screenshotCloud Baby Monitor ~ Video, Audio, Unlimited Range
28Apple TV screenshotCanabalt
29Apple TV screenshotMinecraft: Apple TV Edition
30Apple TV screenshot10 Pin Shuffle Pro Bowling
31Apple TV screenshotOctodad: Dadliest Catch
32Apple TV screenshotEdge
33Apple TV screenshotBADLAND 2
34Apple TV screenshotLive Stream Player - the best streaming media player with rtmp, rtsp, hls, mms, ums protocol supports
35Apple TV screenshotSki Safari 2
36Apple TV screenshotThe Jackbox Party Pack 3
37Apple TV screenshotPlane Finder - Flight Tracker
38Apple TV screenshotCaterzillar
39Apple TV screenshotFish Food Frenzy Fun
40Apple TV screenshotBroken Age ™
41Apple TV screenshotUniversal Zoom: All About Sizes and Distances
42Apple TV screenshotStar Rover - Stargazing and Night Sky Watching
43Apple TV screenshotSolar Walk ™ 2 - Space Missions & Solar System
44Apple TV screenshotSnowboard Party 2
45Apple TV screenshotMimpi Dreams
46Apple TV screenshotWeather Live - Weather Forecast, Radar, and Alerts
47Apple TV screenshotSomaFM Radio Player
48Apple TV screenshotF1 2016
49Apple TV screenshotWhite Noise Pro
50Apple TV screenshotDuckTales: Remastered
51Apple TV screenshotEasyCloud for WD My Cloud - Your Media at Its Best
52Apple TV screenshotLightbow for Philips hue / LIFX / Belkin WeMo
53Apple TV screenshotRISK: TV Edition
54Apple TV screenshotPhrase Party!
55Apple TV screenshotTV Streams - The easy way to watch television
56Apple TV screenshotSuper Mega Worm
57Apple TV screenshotPower Hover
58Apple TV screenshotCrypt of the NecroDancer Pocket Edition
59Apple TV screenshotAquarium HD √
60Apple TV screenshotBattle Supremacy: Evolution
61Apple TV screenshotDino Walk: Continental Drift & Ice Age Period
62Apple TV screenshotiPlayTV
63Apple TV screenshotPixel Cup Soccer 16
64Apple TV screenshotStrange Rain
65Apple TV screenshotOctagon - A Minimal Arcade Game with Maximum Challenge
66Apple TV screenshotGeo Walk: World Factbook & Natural Science for Kid
67Apple TV screenshotBack to Bed
68Apple TV screenshotSketchParty TV
69Apple TV screenshotTiny Wings TV
70Apple TV screenshotThe Night Sky
71Apple TV screenshotZuzu's Bananas: A Monkey Preschool Game
72Apple TV screenshotOPlayer - video player, classic media streaming
73Apple TV screenshotLooming - Easy Home Automation with HomeKit
74Apple TV screenshotmyTuner Radio Pro: Stream and listen live stations
75Apple TV screenshotPAC-MAN Championship Edition DX
76Apple TV screenshotThe Robot Factory by Tinybop
77Apple TV screenshotGravity - Light Particles Manipulation App
78Apple TV screenshotNucleus™
79Apple TV screenshotAttack the Light - Steven Universe Light RPG
80Apple TV screenshotPercepto
81Apple TV screenshotFish Fingers! 3D Interactive Aquarium
82Apple TV screenshotStreaks Workout
83Apple TV screenshotHeroki
84Apple TV screenshotStar Horizon
85Apple TV screenshotNanosaur 2
86Apple TV screenshotDMD Panorama
87Apple TV screenshotBrian Eno : Reflection
88Apple TV screenshotNightgate
89Apple TV screenshotSpace Age: A Cosmic Adventure
90Apple TV screenshotQuell Memento+
91Apple TV screenshotQuell+
92Apple TV screenshotQuell Reflect+
93Apple TV screenshotMooncast - The Phases of the Moon
94Apple TV screenshotSignal GH
95Apple TV screenshotRelax & Rest Guided Meditations
96Apple TV screenshotTide Graph
97Apple TV screenshotPlayerXtreme Media Player PRO - Movies & streaming
98Apple TV screenshotMONOPOLY HERE & NOW: TV Edition
99Apple TV screenshotInfinite Tanks
100Apple TV screenshotMech Pilot
101Apple TV screenshotHeavy Blade
102Apple TV screenshotGSE SMART IPTV PRO (Home Entertainment Edition)
103Apple TV screenshotBeat Sports
104Apple TV screenshotThe Trace: TV Edition
105Apple TV screenshotStar Walk ™ for Kids: Learning Astronomy and Space
106Apple TV screenshotOneVideo
107Apple TV screenshotHexSweep
108Apple TV screenshotDoYou?™ Basketball - Shootout Kings
109Apple TV screenshotSago Mini Ocean Swimmer TV
110Apple TV screenshotEggggg - The Platform Puker
111Apple TV screenshotVidLib -- Tu librería de vídeos a la carta
112Apple TV screenshotThe Deer God
113Apple TV screenshotSago Mini Space Explorer TV
114Apple TV screenshotNewsFeed for Facebook - Timeline, media and more
115Apple TV screenshotTV Deluxe
116Apple TV screenshotShopkins: Shoppie Dash!
117Apple TV screenshotBroadcastify TV
118Apple TV screenshot3D National Parks
119Apple TV screenshotWi-Fi Data Usage
120Apple TV screenshotReal Rain HD
121Apple TV screenshotCatch the Wally - Hide and Seek game
122Apple TV screenshotUnderwater Fish Tank by Relax Zones
123Apple TV screenshotScience Documentary Films - HD Collection
124Apple TV screenshotMahjong - zMahjong Solitaire - Best Brain Puzzle
125Apple TV screenshotLivescore for Argentine Football League (Premium) - Primera Division - See results and scores
126Apple TV screenshotOffroad Legends 2
127Apple TV screenshotAgent A: A puzzle in disguise
128Apple TV screenshotRiptide GP2
129Apple TV screenshotPAW Patrol Rescue Run HD
130Apple TV screenshotBugdom 2
131Apple TV screenshotIP Television
132Apple TV screenshotRush Rally 2
133Apple TV screenshotEDGE Extended
134Apple TV screenshotFibbage XL
135Apple TV screenshotBricks – Arcade Game
136Apple TV screenshotFlick Quarterback TV
137Apple TV screenshotAZZL
138Apple TV screenshotVikings: an Archer's Journey
139Apple TV screenshotProPresenter Stage 2
140Apple TV screenshotPewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist
141Apple TV screenshotFinding Dory: Just Keep Swimming
142Apple TV screenshotKids Tube for YouTube
143Apple TV screenshotBaby Monitor 3G
144Apple TV screenshotQuiplash
145Apple TV screenshotYuri
146Apple TV screenshotSecond Canvas Museo del Prado Masterpieces
147Apple TV screenshotMagic Fireplace
148Apple TV screenshotGalaxy on Fire™ - Manticore RISING
149Apple TV screenshotBean Dreams
150Apple TV screenshotHappy Tennis: Party Game
151Apple TV screenshotShoot The Zombirds
152Apple TV screenshotBroken Sword 5 - the Serpent's Curse
153Apple TV screenshotHardcore Dirt Bike
154Apple TV screenshotThe Complete Adventures of Pan (Books 1-7)
155Apple TV screenshotReceiver - Internet Radio
156Apple TV screenshotSwapperoo
157Apple TV screenshotAir Video TV
158Apple TV screenshotPocket Yoga for TV
159Apple TV screenshotElectric Sheep TV
160Apple TV screenshotGo Rally
161Apple TV screenshotSuper Powerboy
162Apple TV screenshotCity Cars Adventures by BUBL
163Apple TV screenshotLegend of the Skyfish
164Apple TV screenshotEasyCloud Pro for Dropbox, Google Drive & OneDrive
165Apple TV screenshotBatman™ Unlimited: Gotham City’s Most Wanted
166Apple TV screenshotSlice Fractions
167Apple TV screenshot737 Flight Simulator - Be an airplane pilot & fly!
168Apple TV screenshotrIPTV
169Apple TV screenshotKing Oddball
170Apple TV screenshotHappy Swordplay: Party Game
171Apple TV screenshotSneezies HD
172Apple TV screenshotPhil The Pill
173Apple TV screenshotMusic Healing | Voice
174Apple TV screenshotClocky – The Fullscreen Alarm Clock
175Apple TV screenshotIDEOko Spin and Spot Safari
176Apple TV screenshotHome Sharing - transfer photo, video and file more easily in the local Wi-Fi network
177Apple TV screenshotDog Monitor
178Apple TV screenshotLums
179Apple TV screenshotplayable PRO - Play almost anything video player
180Apple TV screenshotLive Turkish TV - Tv Turkiye - TV Türkiye
181Apple TV screenshotLocate places near me with Google Maps
182Apple TV screenshotiBASEjump
183Apple TV screenshotHardwood Spades
184Apple TV screenshotLocate with Google maps
185Apple TV screenshotQuick Hue
186Apple TV screenshotMusic Healing 3
187Apple TV screenshotReal Live Eagle Cam
188Apple TV screenshotCalendar for Google Calendar
189Apple TV screenshotNemesis
190Apple TV screenshotOver The Air TV Channel Guide
191Apple TV screenshotEasyWOL
192Apple TV screenshot.Decluster Zero: Bullet Nocturne
193Apple TV screenshotEasy Comic Reader | For Dropbox, GDrive & OneDrive
194Apple TV screenshotNotice - Beautiful Notifications for Instagram & Twitter
195Apple TV screenshotEURO UP SHOOTOUT SOCCER 3D for TV
196Apple TV screenshotDaily Workouts
197Apple TV screenshotSparkle 2
198Apple TV screenshotIDEOko Balloonimals
199Apple TV screenshotPako - Car Chase Simulator
200Apple TV screenshotDrawful 2