Top Paid Apps: Entertainment, 27 January 2017

1Apple TV screenshotChannels — Live TV
2Apple TV screenshotLive Stream Player - the best streaming media player with rtmp, rtsp, hls, mms, ums protocol supports
3Apple TV screenshotEasyCloud for WD My Cloud - Your Media at Its Best
4Apple TV screenshotTV Streams - The easy way to watch television
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5Apple TV screenshotAquarium HD √
6Apple TV screenshotiPlayTV
7Apple TV screenshotStrange Rain
8Apple TV screenshotOPlayer - video player, classic media streaming
9Apple TV screenshotGravity - Light Particles Manipulation App
10Apple TV screenshotFish Fingers! 3D Interactive Aquarium
11Apple TV screenshotGSE SMART IPTV PRO (Home Entertainment Edition)
12Apple TV screenshotVidLib -- Tu librería de vídeos a la carta
13Apple TV screenshot3D National Parks
14Apple TV screenshotUnderwater Fish Tank by Relax Zones
15Apple TV screenshotFinding Dory: Just Keep Swimming
16Apple TV screenshotKids Tube for YouTube
17Apple TV screenshotMagic Fireplace
18Apple TV screenshotEasyCloud Pro for Dropbox, Google Drive & OneDrive
19Apple TV screenshot737 Flight Simulator - Be an airplane pilot & fly!
20Apple TV screenshotrIPTV
21Apple TV screenshotLive Turkish TV - Tv Turkiye - TV Türkiye
22Apple TV screenshotQuick Hue
23Apple TV screenshotOver The Air TV Channel Guide
24Apple TV screenshotMovie Box Free Film HD & ShowBox for Youtube HD
25Apple TV screenshot8player - DLNA / UPnP, SMB, FTP player
26Apple TV screenshotobox
27Apple TV screenshotMrMC
28Apple TV screenshotTWiT on TV
29Apple TV screenshotFirePlace
30Apple TV screenshotFireplace ©
31Apple TV screenshotTv-Box
32Apple TV screenshotFireplace HD TV
33Apple TV screenshotSanta Call & Tracker - North Pole Command Center
34Apple TV screenshotPodcasts by myTuner
35Apple TV screenshotKidz tube for Youtube
36Apple TV screenshotAnyStream - The Gaming Stream for Twitch & Hitbox
37Apple TV screenshotAquarium live HD TV: Coral reef scenes with relaxing nature & ocean sounds for stress relief
38Apple TV screenshotVideo Explorer II-Player for Chromecast, Plex, NAS
39Apple TV screenshotIPTV +
40Apple TV screenshotAsteroidsTV
41Apple TV screenshotSquire Video Player
42Apple TV screenshotQuadStream
43Apple TV screenshotKaraoke TV™ - Sing from your sofa
44Apple TV screenshotChristmas Fire
45Apple TV screenshotFeedlix
46Apple TV screenshotOhm TV
47Apple TV screenshotZinc - Video Bookmarks
48Apple TV screenshotPodcast Player
49Apple TV screenshotAmazing Christmas Fireplaces
50Apple TV screenshotAquarium HD TV
51Apple TV screenshotChristmas Snowfall
52Apple TV screenshotCozy Fireplace for your TV – perfect for cold long winter nights and meditation
53Apple TV screenshotIPTV Streamer HD
54Apple TV screenshotScreen Fantasy Live
55Apple TV screenshotISS SpaceWatch
56Apple TV screenshotIptv HD
57Apple TV screenshotISS live feed
58Apple TV screenshotMusic Player & Streamer Premium for SoundCloud & Spotify Pro
59Apple TV screenshotAmazing Fireplaces
60Apple TV screenshotLightsaber 3D - Training PRO
61Apple TV screenshotCouch Tv
62Apple TV screenshotGreek TV - Ελληνική Τηλεόραση
63Apple TV screenshotPlayer for Ustream - Stream videos & Live TV
64Apple TV screenshotThe Fireplace
65Apple TV screenshotMythTV
66Apple TV screenshotAquarium Fish Tank HD
67Apple TV screenshotPlanetarium 3D
68Apple TV screenshotDJ Visualizer: dope music visuals beamed to your TV screen
69Apple TV screenshot8player TV - DLNA / UPnP, SMB, FTP player
70Apple TV screenshotStream-TV
71Apple TV screenshotISS Viewer - View Earth From Outer Space LIVE From The International Space Station
72Apple TV screenshotArt Expert
73Apple TV screenshotTV CLASSICS
74Apple TV screenshotKinoConsole Pro - Stream PC games
75Apple TV screenshotGalaxy HD TV
76Apple TV screenshotTV Israel
77Apple TV screenshotFire Place TV
78Apple TV screenshotVirtual Aquarium
79Apple TV screenshotChristmas Slideshow & Wallpapers (with animated snow!) HD
80Apple TV screenshotLiveZapp for EyeTV™
81Apple TV screenshotTVeasy
82Apple TV screenshotTable Tennis MultiPlayer
83Apple TV screenshotMediathekensuche
84Apple TV screenshotRadio Police Scanner
85Apple TV screenshotDuckHunterTV
86Apple TV screenshotFireplace Interactive HD
87Apple TV screenshotMy Movies Pro - Movie & TV Collection Library ™
88Apple TV screenshotOnline IPTV (Video Player)
89Apple TV screenshotMagical FirePlaces
90Apple TV screenshotSnowy Winter
91Apple TV screenshotFREE Westerns
92Apple TV screenshotΕλληνική TV
93Apple TV screenshotScreen Fantasy Fireplace
94Apple TV screenshotCat Channel
95Apple TV screenshotHaunting Sounds - Interactive Halloween soundtrack
96Apple TV screenshotNetstream TV
97Apple TV screenshotAnimal Cameras
98Apple TV screenshotBinge - Your Plex Movies and TV Shows. Simplified.
99Apple TV screenshotTropical Relaxation
100Apple TV screenshotScenes - Relaxing, Peaceful & Endlessly looping videos
101Apple TV screenshotsPlayer
102Apple TV screenshotFirePlace Tv : Bring Warmth to your living room
103Apple TV screenshotScreen Fantasy
104Apple TV screenshotFireplace Channel
105Apple TV screenshotMedia Share for TV - Watch videos and play music from your network drives on your TV
106Apple TV screenshotPager TV
107Apple TV screenshotS T A R S - A Space Journey
108Apple TV screenshotScoreboard for TV
109Apple TV screenshotHD Sharks TV
110Apple TV screenshotAwesome Trivia
111Apple TV screenshotSpace Window
112Apple TV screenshotLittle Trailers App
113Apple TV screenshotMyReef 3D Aquarium TV
114Apple TV screenshotFireplace (TV)
115Apple TV screenshotWood Fireplace
116Apple TV screenshotVindora - Premium - Alpine Ambient & Wellness Wallpapers to Relax and Enjoy Nature and Outdoor
117Apple TV screenshotVolcano View
118Apple TV screenshotScenes for TV
119Apple TV screenshotWinter Season Ambience
120Apple TV screenshotBallBreakerTV
121Apple TV screenshotNightLights Universal
122Apple TV screenshotMPlayerX
123Apple TV screenshotAirplanes HD
124Apple TV screenshotFiresideTV
125Apple TV screenshotMandala TV
126Apple TV screenshotGalleria - transform your TV into a magical, relaxing and tranquil reality
127Apple TV screenshotChristmas Art powered by Art Authority
128Apple TV screenshotMusic Tube for TV-Powered by Youtube
129Apple TV screenshotDreamClock - Beautiful Clocks for your TV
130Apple TV screenshotAddicted2Salsa
131Apple TV screenshotFixFlix
132Apple TV screenshotTV Romania pentru TV
133Apple TV screenshotJellyfish Aquarium by Relax Zones
134Apple TV screenshotMy Genre Radio
135Apple TV screenshotFREE Movie Classics
136Apple TV screenshotRelaxing Fireplace
137Apple TV screenshotTV Pro Mediathek Kids
138Apple TV screenshotFREE Cartoon Classics
139Apple TV screenshotJD TV Scoreboard
140Apple TV screenshotFree Music Player & Streamer for SoundCloud Pro
141Apple TV screenshotDance Viz
142Apple TV screenshotFish Tank by Relax Zones
143Apple TV screenshotAquarium TV™
144Apple TV screenshotFlatbox
145Apple TV screenshotCozyTV
146Apple TV screenshotEasyCloud for MEGA - Enjoy your Cloud Media on TV
147Apple TV screenshotFireworks Video by Relax Zones
148Apple TV screenshotShark Tank by Relax Zones
149Apple TV screenshotAquarium Exotic TV
150Apple TV screenshotAquarium Video by Relax Zones
151Apple TV screenshothubbleSee
152Apple TV screenshotIGuess The Movie PRO
153Apple TV screenshotWild Wild Westerns
154Apple TV screenshotMyLake 3D Aquarium TV
155Apple TV screenshotTV Pro SAT>IP
156Apple TV screenshotBeach Video by Relax Zones
157Apple TV screenshotNatural Ambience
158Apple TV screenshotVideo Stream Player
159Apple TV screenshotGun Center Pro
160Apple TV screenshotRelaxing HD Video - Meditation, Timelapse, Baby, Aquarium, Fireplace
161Apple TV screenshotCaravel Video Browser
162Apple TV screenshotKibo
163Apple TV screenshotPlants Database
164Apple TV screenshotOhMyCouch
165Apple TV screenshotAlphabet Phonics - Talking Alphabet for Kids
166Apple TV screenshotTV Static
167Apple TV screenshotBest Radio TV - the best online radio
168Apple TV screenshotMovie Picks What To Watch PRO
169Apple TV screenshotBob Rivers Twisted Christmas Tunes