AudioBooks: Scary Stories Pro

by Media Galaxy Ltd

AudioBooks: Scary Stories is a collection of audiobooks for those who like thrill and adventure. If you have no time to read a book or maybe you’re too tired for it after a busy day, audiobook is a perfect solution for you! Distract from your everyday worries and dive into the dark world of terrifying mysteries with AudioBooks: Scary Stories. Here you'll find the scariest and the most interesting stories, which will captivate you from the first minutes and make you tremble with fear.

How to use: choose a story from the library, read the annotation and start listening. You can easily stop the record by pressing the button on the screen.

- Plunge into the world of fear and mystery
- Big variety of audio books to listen
- Only the scariest stories
- Annotation for every book

Released: 20 August 2015

Price: $19.99

Has in app purchases: no

Categories: Books, Entertainment
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26Top Paid AppsBooks

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