Ace Slots Machines Casino TV

by Tiny Mobile Inc.

An entire Slots Casino right in your living room! Why travel to casinos when Ace Slots Machines Casino TV gives you all the excitement and thrill you would expect in Las Vegas from the comfort of your own couch!

We’ve delivered the most authentic casino experience available on the App Store! From the magical sound of coins dropping into the prize tray, to the bonus mini games that add so much excitement and fun. We’ve got it all in Ace Slots Machines Casino TV!

One feature that you’ll never find in Vegas: Players get FREE money while you play! Now *that* is really cool!

Ace Slots Machines Casino TV comes with 13 different slot machines!

•13 Different Slot Machines!
•Gambler style gameplay: Every machine unlocked right from the start, no need to waste time or money unlocking the "good" machines!
•No Facebook account needed!
•Bonus games to maximize your winnings!
•Immersive sound and graphics!
•100% Mouthwatering Graphics!
•Scatter sets reward free spins!
•Get free money every minute while you play!
•Ultra-Authentic casino feel!
•Leveling system!

Released: 31 October 2015

Price: Free

Has in app purchases: yes

Categories: Games, Casino, Card, Entertainment
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