Animal Memo

by Elvir Hasanovic

This memo-game is themed with beautiful high resolution pictures from animals from all over our wonderful planet.

In every game, you will see a subset of our large library of pictures. They are all stored in the app so no internet connection is needed. Over time, we will include even more photos, so it will not get boring.

Animal Memo has a clean UI with tidy graphics perfectly suitable for children and adults:
- No ads
- No In-App-Purchases
- No alert messages or popups
- No menus
- No (hidden) options
- No annoying or distracting sounds

Animal Memo is made with love and was tested and quality assured by the

1. Start the app and play a game of memo
2. If you want to restart your current game or start another one, just shake your AppleTV remote

Have fun. Greetings from Berlin, Germany.
Software made in Germany

Released: 29 October 2015

Price: $0.99

Has in app purchases: no

Categories: Games, Trivia, Family
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