Awesome Roller Coaster Rides 3D

by Giana Lucia Cardoso Mattos

Awesome Roller Coaster Rides in 3D for TVOS

A 3D Experience that you will never forget!!!

Attention: Your TV needs to be a 3D Television capable of converting 3D stereo videos. Setup according to the 2nd picture above and put you TV 3D Glasses to use this app. If you feel sick or nauseas during the 3D experience or even suffer from epilepsy, please do not use this application. The camera on this app is in a fixed position so no look around.

How about to deal with different rollercoasters, scome of them with a staggering 255 foot drop which you’ll take at 85 mph, making this one of the longest and fastest drops in the world?

Speaking of gravity, brace yourself for the unbelievable second half of this journey into steel madness. It’s pure twister territory, twisting sideways, hugging the ground... It is pure roller coaster madness.

Welcome to the Virtual Reality time! Welcome to 2016!
It is the next generation entertainment coming to TVOS.

Featuring 24 different roller coasters in full hd 1080p:
Alpina Blitz
The Beast
Big Deeper
Kentucky Rumbler
Lil Deeper
Adventure Time
Canyon Blaster
Coaster 3D
El Loco
FireChaser Express
among others...

Time to ride...put your TV 3d stereo glasses now and enjoy these rides.

Released: 06 January 2016

Price: $2.99

Has in app purchases: no

Categories: Entertainment, Lifestyle
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