Aquarium TV by Relax Zones

by Digital Innovations Group Pty Ltd

Aquarium TV is the most impressive tropical aquarium by Relax Zones. It was filmed in 4K Ultra HD resolution and then down-scaled to Full HD. This squeezes in 4 times more detail compared to aquarium videos filmed in Full HD. Enjoy your very own colorful fish tank without any of the expense or hassle of a real aquarium.

Features of Aquarium TV:
- Amazing living corals including soft and hard coral
- Instant playback with automatic looping every 20 minutes
- Beautiful fish including Clownfish and Yellow Tang
- High resolution aquarium video for super realistic playback
- Vivid colors and sharp details
- Relaxing sound of flowing water and gentle bubbles
- 5.1 surround sound audio
- Full HD 1080p resolution (downscaled from 4K Ultra HD)

Uses for Aquarium TV:
- Your own virtual fish tank
- Relaxation aid
- Helps get rid of stress
- Dinner party background video
- Entertain kids
- Promotes conversation
- Impress visitors

Relax Zones produces high quality relaxation videos. Aquarium TV is our most colorful and impressive aquarium. All our videos were created by Uscenes and this one was by far the biggest seller in 2015. Relax Zones has more aquariums available for the Apple TV. We also have 3 “Zones” to choose from: Aquariums, Fireplaces and Nature.

All Relax Zones footage is in the maximum allowed resolution for tvOS: 1080p Full HD. Many of our videos have 5.1 surround sound (including this one). This means you get the best possible quality and an aquarium which looks almost as good as owning your own luxurious fish tank.

Get this app now and start enjoying your very own TV Aquarium.

Released: 12 February 2016

Price: $2.99

Has in app purchases: no

Categories: Entertainment, Photo & Video
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