All Words Up TV

by Arch Square

A fast-pace word game where players find as many words as possible.

Make words by tapping letters horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. To submit a word, double tap the last letter in the word. Players have 20 seconds to make a word before losing a move and get 5 moves per level to reach a score goal to advance to another level. Score goals to level up get progressively harder.

1. Tap adjacent letters (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) to create words.
2. Double tap the last letter in the word to submit.
3. To undo a move, double tap the first letter in the word.
4. Tapping a letter not horizontal, vertical, or diagonal to last letter tap will clear the word.

1. Player have to reach a preset score goal to level up.
2. Player have 5 moves to reach the goal to clear the level.
3. Player have 20 seconds to make a move else a move is deducted.

1. Extra Moves Per Level : increase to an extra move per level, totally 6.
2. Extra 10 Seconds per Level: increase to 30 seconds allocated per move.
3. Wildcard: add a wildcard tile (with "?" on the tile) - can be used as any letter.

1. Player earn tokens every game play.
2. Higher the score, higher the token earn.
3. Player use this tokens to apply for the game options.

Released: 09 February 2016

Price: Free

Has in app purchases: yes

Categories: Education, Puzzle, Games, Word
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