Drive Ahead! TV

by Dodreams Fairytale Company Oy

Drive Ahead! is on launch sale! Get the game for -40% discount for one week only! Get a head start with a giant load of 3000 coins and start building your own car collection!

Drive Ahead! is the gladiatorial arena racing hit of the year. Knock your friend in the head with a car to score points.

Drive ahead in gladiator arenas with off-road cars, garbage trucks and F1 racing cars. Each vehicle has it’s own strengths and weaknesses. The game features three different game modes: duels, single-player and King of the Hill matches.

Customize your battles or choose random mode for surprising arenas and duels. Can you beat a monster truck with a go-kart? Hiding won’t help! Sudden death mode introduces sawblades, rain of fire and floods of water. The only way to survive is by attacking!

Collect virtual credits and use them in the casino slot machine to unlock tons of cars and loads of arenas as you play!


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Released: 17 February 2016

Price: $4.99

Has in app purchases: no

Categories: Games, Action, Racing
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