3D Cities and Places Free

by Jufen Chang

This is a full version with 1 city for each letter from A to Z. Purchase the Pro version for the full universal on iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch/TVOS devices.

When the app is launched, you will see the following components:
- City filter control on the top from A to Z.
- Map type selection: Normal, Satellite, Hybrid (3D support) and Flyover (3D support)
- Map rotation buttons: clockwise and counterclockwise buttons
- Map zoom buttons: Zoom in and Zoom out
- Map pitch buttons: increase or decrease the viewing angel.
- 3D Cities table: A list of available places with 3D support
- Apple Map: you can move the map in different directions and zoom in/out.

By default, New York City will display on the map with 3D View. Use the Apple TV remote control to move to the appropriate map type and tap on the control for selection. You can then use the rotation buttons to rotate the map and then use the pitch buttons to see the 3D View. It is recommended you move the focus to the map control and start to move to different locations and use the map zoom in/out feature by sliding the right hand side of the control. To select a different city or place, go to the table on the left hand side and select a city or place. Apple Map will display the city or places based upon your selection.

Please notice: once you move the focus on the map. In order to set the focus back to the default button in order to able to use other buttons, table or map selection. "Long Press" on the control pad and the focus will be shift back to the default button.

More features are going to be added in the coming updates as we are actively looking into the exciting features provided by the Apple TV.

Released: 09 February 2016

Price: Free

Has in app purchases: no

Categories: Utilities
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