Alchemic Maze

by HeroCraft Ltd.

“Alchemic Maze is a made for iOS experience that is executed extremely well making it a must have.”
Trevor Sheridan,

Make the liquid flow through the maze by tilting your remote. Explore the mysteries of alchemy!

Only a true master can uncover the secrets of the ancient art of alchemy! Take control of a flowing liquid, changing its properties and evading sophisticated traps. Become a great alchemist, create a magic crystal from various substances, and save an apprentice girl from the aftermath of an unlucky experiment. Dexterity and logical thinking will help you smash records and share your new accomplishments with your friends!

Released: 19 April 2016

Price: $2.99

Has in app purchases: no

Categories: Games, Entertainment, Family, Puzzle
59Top Paid AppsFamily
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71Top Grossing AppsPuzzle
101Top Grossing AppsFamily

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