by Laurel Code Inc.

Treasure Hunter, his name is Bob.
This is beginning of Bob's adventure story.

- Chapter 1 -
In the depths of the cave, Bob find out the Treasure Box.
Can you help Bob to get the Treasure Box and get out the cave?

- What is [$1,000,000,000,000.00] -
It is a simple action game, collect coins, treasure bag and jewel what are falling from above.

- How to play -
Bob is walking around there. If you want to change Bob's walking direction, please touch surface of your remote once.
Well done to control Bob's walking direction, catch the coin, treasure bag, jewel form the treasure box more and more. If you fall from cliff, catch the array, the game will be over.
Let's get the 1 trillion dollar.

- How to get High scores -
If you can get more and more treasure bag and jewel, that will be a short way to get high scores.
Clear the conditions, bonus stage will coming, the treasure bag and jewel will rush out from the treasure box.
...Somebody said, [$ 1 trillion of diamond] hidden in the treasure box.
Can you find out how to get it?

* High scores
When you get the high scores, you will win a medal. Let's win the gold medal.
- The gold medal: $ 1 trillion
- The silver medal: $ 100 billion
- The bronze medal: $ 100 million

You can check the medal what you get at the [Achievement].
Can you get the all medal?
After counter stop, use your SNS to share the medal screen to your friends.

This game was created after acquiring a license transfer from PUMO Inc. to the licensed Apple TV.
All Apple TV licenses related to this game are the property of Laurel Code Inc.

Released: 21 April 2016

Price: Free

Has in app purchases: no

Categories: Games, Adventure, Action, Entertainment
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