Adrenaline Rollercoaster Rides in 3D

by Giana Lucia Cardoso Mattos

Adrenaline Rollercoasters Rides in 3D

On a roller coaster, the full-body sensation is complemented by all sorts of visual cues -- the upside-down turns, dizzying heights and passing structures. Visual cues are an important part of the ride because they tell you that you are going fast. Your body can't feel velocity at all; it can only feel change in velocity acceleration.The only reasons you know that you are moving quickly on a coaster is that the support structure is whipping past you at top speed, and the air is rushing in your face.

Can you handle this 3D Experience using your TV?

Ten Awesome Coaster Rides:
01 - Wooden Coaster
02 - Purple Fallen
03 - Black Widow
04 - Poison Coaster
05 - Gorillazz
06 - Twister
07 - Shadow Coaster
08 - Black Mambaj
09 - Chupacabra
10 - BlackStar

Due to technology evolution of hardware and software, you are now able to ride virtually those awesome rides using your device!

All you need is a 3D Glasses (also know as GoogleCardBoard) and a good internet bandwidth.

Enjoy the ride. Stop if you feel sick or have nauseas.

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Released: 20 April 2016

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