AVOlight Games: Grow To Rise

by AVOlight

Grow To Rise contains cute emotional blob-like creatures called AVOlights; to maintain their active form they must regularly feed on energies in their environment. AVOlights burn the most energy when their eyes are red; starving for the unique energy of white-eyed AVOlights; which conversely consume green cells to gain energy. The main body color of an AVOlight represents its energy; this can help identifying the best targets for consumption. Keep in mind that AVOlights can't move wherever they want, and can't consume whatever they want; so be careful.

Supporting my game helps me to continue its development; to continue doing what I love. Thank You.

Please note there is no in-game sound.


-Randomly generated blob creatures
-Continuous game map

Apple Remote:

-can use play/pause
-click to select
-click, hold and drag to zoom in and out

On-Screen Controls:

-select a new location to move 1 cell in that direction

Released: 02 September 2016

Price: Free

Has in app purchases: no

Categories: Games, Simulation, Adventure, Entertainment
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