SuonO for SONOS

by Garage Innovation LLC

NEW - Adds support for Sonos PLAYBAR!

Control from the comfort of your couch all your Sonos speakers. Enjoy throughout the app a retro look with the joy of modern touches. We leveraged the look of a classic radio and integrated into it all features you are used to enjoying from an iPhone. Manage and experience music making good use of that wonderful, ginormous TV of yours. Put those pixels to work and blast away. No more looking for your phone while you are taking a break on the couch, spending time with family or having friends over. SuonO is easy and intuitive to use and makes the experience of controlling your Sonos fun for the whole family.

• Just make sure your Apple TV is on the same network of your Sonos speakers, and that’s it - you are ready to start playing

• All the control features that you expect from a music player.
• Pick any of your Sonos rooms and start playing using the Siri remote.
• Control group of speakers and stereo speakers at once.
• Manage your music queues, playlists and favorites over that large screen of yours

• Enjoy the professionally 3D crafted experiences and detailed artwork.

Released: 28 February 2017

Price: $4.99

Has in app purchases: no

Categories: Music, Entertainment
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