by Daniel Hooper

App Store iPhone Game of the Week in more than 70 countries! - April 2011
"We’ve seen clever puzzle games before, but we’ve never seen anything like this." – AppSmile
"Percepto is an excellent little puzzle game that feels perfect for iOS devices" – GamePro

The iOS classic now on your TV!

Bruce has fallen asleep and finds himself in a strange room that can be flattened to two dimensions. Help him find his way to the door by rotating the room and compressing to a new point of view.

Once you've mastered the basics of rotating the room, you'll encounter new puzzle elements that will force you to think in 3D, but move in 2D. Discover the secrets of this multidimensional space from the comfort of your living room.

Released: 05 April 2011

Price: $0.99

Has in app purchases: no

Categories: Games, Arcade, Entertainment, Puzzle
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