by Vimeo, LLC

Discover and watch amazing videos from the world’s best filmmakers — all on your TV — with the Vimeo app. The Vimeo TV apps comes with all these things:

Watch videos in gorgeous ad-free HD on the big screen:
-Stream videos in full 1080p HD
-Rejoice in Vimeo’s always ad-free playback
-Get the best of Vimeo, right away, on the Explore page
-Add videos to your Watch Later queue
-Stream the films, series, and videos you purchase on Vimeo

Discover videos and creators you love:
-Follow your favorite filmmakers, channels, and more to customize your Feed
-Easily search and discover new videos and filmmakers
-Delight daily in a fresh batch of Staff Picks, hand-selected by our team
-Dive into different human-curated categories like animation, documentary, travel, and more

Download the app for free to start watching incredible videos from the Vimeo community.

Have feedback for us? Vimeo is full of actual humans who’d love to listen. Go to to get in touch.

Released: 29 March 2011

Price: Free

Has in app purchases: no

Categories: Photo & Video, Entertainment
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131Top Grossing AppsPhoto & Video

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