Ant Farm

by Tim French

Ant Farm v1.0

Ant Farm is not a game! It’s an adventure! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an Ant? As a newly arrived resident of an Ant Farm you need to build your new home. It’s now up to you to find the necessary tools to begin digging your first tunnel shaft and tunnels.

Dig mine shafts and tunnels with picks or Dynamite.

Discover hidden chambers and build the necessary items to support a new ant colony. Collect gems and ores as you dig. Sell them to increase your cash to build more shops, upgrade your tools and buy more clothing.

Build the kitchens, Dinning Halls, Gardens (to grow crops), Storage Chambers, Training Chambers, Queens Chamber, Nursery, Hospitals, Supply Chambers and Barracks.

Spend hours of fun building your Ant Farm into a fully functioning colony. Earn awards, craft food combinations for the kitchen.

Works with siri controller or mFi controller.

Has in-app purchases and Advertising.

Released: 21 December 2013

Price: Free

Has in app purchases: yes

Categories: Games, Education, Family, Role Playing
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