by dbw

12X12 10x10 8x8 6x6 4x4 (different number of new grids)
It's more than 2048, so just call it 2048+#
"+" means not only 4X4 , it means more;
"#" means not only one new grid , it means more;
so just call it 2048+#

You can store your data with iCloud!Sync with iPad, iPhone and Apple TV !

Now the highest score of the game is over 4.x billion points (Really not cheating)!! Thanks for this long-time player!
You can select more grids to play , and get higher score!

4X4 ->1 new grid
6X6 ->2 new grids
8X8 ->3 new grids
10X10 ->3 new grids
12X12 ->3 new grids

Go left,right,up and down!
Slide and the game board go with your finger!

Released: 11 April 2014

Price: Free

Has in app purchases: yes

Categories: Games, Entertainment, Puzzle, Strategy
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