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Watch great movies and TV shows streaming to you for free. The videos have commercials so you get everything for free and don't have to spend a single dollar or use your credit card.

We're "freeing" movies and TV shows so you don’t have to pay for entertainment. Check out our variety of categories, from “Not On Netflix” and “Highly Rated On Rotten Tomatoes” to the next day releases of popular anime and Korean dramas. We add new content every Wednesday!

Watch the biggest stars, movies and TV shows from Hollywood and US and international TV networks. Discover amazing international hits and hidden gems.
Register for free to create your own personal queue of videos to watch later or continue watching, and synchronize your viewing between your Apple TV, mobile devices and tubitv.com. 

You're in control to watch wherever and whenever you want.

You deserve premium quality entertainment without having to pay, whenever and wherever you want. We believe in “freeing entertainment” so you have access to the largest free library of movies and TV shows (and we are working hard to add more every day).

We want to “free” as many great TV shows and movies for you. We’re a small and passionate group, but we can’t get everything at one time. So we’re working hard to free one TV series or movie at a time. Every time that happens, it’s a moment to celebrate and your opportunity to be entertained.

The more you watch, the more TV shows and movies we can free and bring to you. We’re in this together with you to make premium entertainment accessible to everyone.

Watching should be easy and convenient on any device at the time you choose. You should be in control. You certainly shouldn’t have to go to illegal websites that bombard you with popup windows and malware. You get great entertainment with peace of mind that every video on Tubi TV is legal but still free.  

Stream Tubi TV on all of your devices: iOS, Apple TV, the web at www.tubitv.com, and many more. We’re Chromecast and Airplay compatible.

We get TV shows and movies from content partners from around the world, including US and international studios and TV networks. We work with content specialists across categories including kids videos, anime, Korean dramas, telenovelas, reality shows, and many more. However, we can’t get movies currently in theaters or shows currently on TV due to contracts and other thorny legal matters not in our control. Still, we’re adding new partners and great videos every day.

Commercials are part of the viewing experience so we can fairly compensate our content partners for creating works that entertain you. We believe everyone should be paid for their hard work, including our content partners who are offering great content for free.

Released: 24 July 2014

Price: Free

Has in app purchases: no

Categories: Entertainment, Lifestyle
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