Star Walk ™ for Kids: Learning Astronomy and Space


by Vito Technology Inc.

Nine animated films about the workings of the solar system will explain why the Moon looks different throughout the month, how to find North from where you are, and why the Sun is so important.

Star Walk Kids is a child-friendly version of an award-winning astronomy guide Star Walk™ with over 10 million users.

Star Walk Kids shows the map of the sky on your TV screen: stars, planets, constellations in their correct positions with respect to your location.

What your will discover:

- The Sun, the Moon, and the eight planets of the solar system (+Pluto)
- Constellations
- 700 brightest stars
- The International Space Station
- The Hubble Space Telescope
- A black hole (Cygnus X-1)

The nine animated films:

Ursa Major
Cygnus X-1

Released: 04 September 2014

Price: $2.99

Has in app purchases: no

Categories: Education, Reference
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