Air Route

by Csaba Iranyi

Air Router is a small utility that lets you show all information about your current network routes. Network routing is the mechanism that allows an tvOS device to find the network path to another system.

A route is a defined pair of addresses which represent the “destination” and a “gateway”. The route indicates that when trying to get to the specified destination, send the packets through the specified gateway. There are three types of destinations: individual hosts, subnets, and “default”. The “default route” is used if no other routes apply. There are also three types of gateways: individual hosts, interfaces, also called links, and Ethernet hardware (MAC) addresses. Known routes are stored in the routing table of tvOS device.

• List the default gateway (router) addresses of active network interfaces.
• Show hostname, network type, MAC address, PING capability, WHOIS record for each default gateway.
• Full offline MAC vendor database.

• List the known network hosts and subnets.
• Show hostname, network type, MAC address, PING capability, WHOIS record for each host.
• Full offline MAC vendor database.
• Show link local and multicast destinations.

• Maximum transfer unit (MTU) value.
• Entry expire date.
• Maximum hop count.
• Estimated round trip time (RTT).

• Supported interfaces:
• Local loopback (this device).
• Wi-Fi network (client mode).
• Ethernet LAN network.

• Apple TV product name, generation version, model number and release date.
• Application Processor type and number of cores.
• Installed memory size.
• Installed storage size.
• Firmware (tvOS) version and build number.
• Apple TV network hostname.
• Last reboot time.

• Apple TV 4 [2015].
• tvOS 9.x.

Released: 21 November 2014

Price: $1.99

Has in app purchases: no

Categories: Utilities, Business
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